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Was It For This?

10 Nov - 9 Dec @ The Pound Arts Centre [ Art & Design , Family ]

Was It For This?

Ellie Thompson is an artist currently practicing in the South-West. Since graduating from The Ruskin School of Art in 2022, Ellie has exhibited a host of hapless characters across Oxford, London, Bristol, Rugby and Bath.

Ellie's interest in schadenfreude, anatomy and a cartoonish sense of humour informs each of her soft sculptures. Her puppet-like characters are at once extinct and alive, forever stuck in a sticky situation.

'Was It For This' features a cast of 13 original sculptures, each fixed in its own perpetual dejection. Ellie has populated Pound Arts with horrid hounds, sad show ponies and a floppy pink bat as part of the centre's 'Magic and Mayhem' festival this November.

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