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June Sunday Session

16 Jun, 12 - 4pm @ Rockaway Park [ Family , Food & Drink , Live Music ]

Rockaway Park June Sunday Session

This family-friendly event in a unique setting features delicious home-made vegan roasts, open studios, an arts market of local artists, crafters, makers and recyclers, as well as live music and Normal Magic offering mental health advice and a free drop-in family sensory workshop.

For Father's Day, amazing singer/songwriter Moe McLaughlin will be performing on the outdoor stage! One person and their guitar…Moe’s unique music speaks of their anger towards the current system, whilst being wistfully jovial. The world can be terrible, but in shared reflection let's ponder the evils around us and laugh. Covering topics from calling out the lies and hypocrisy in the political system, to mental health and self-esteem struggles, Moe’s songs are a middle finger to society’s expectations of humans in this day and age.

The Vegan Cafe team will be serving Shepherd's Pie, Seitan Steak in Beurre Blanc Sauce, Wellington and our classic Nut Roast. Plus, there's a selection of mouthwatering home-made cakes and savoury snacks, as well as hot and cold drinks. However, you'll need to order your roast online before 7pm on Friday 14th June to help us avoid food waste.

This event is free to attend, with a £5 fee for parking. Any donations you're able to make in one of our donation buckets in the Rockaway yard - from spare change or a couple of quid to more - will help us continue providing live music at our Sunday Sessions, and is very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Moe McLaughlin

If Opera 0324