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Porcelain Minikins Making Workshop

1 Jun, 1:30 - 4pm @ Rockaway Park [ Talks, Meetups & Workshops , Art & Design ]

Porcelain Minikins Making Workshop

Try your hand at working with porcelain and invent your own fantasy matchbox creature in this personal and light hearted minikin making workshop with Rockaway's amazing resident ceramic artist, Bev Milward. ​ During this relaxing afternoon session in Bev's studio you'll: ​

  • Discover how porcelain differs from other clays ​
  • Learn simple traditional making techniques ​
  • Through doodling, drift into producing a mini matchbox character (possibly with an amusing backstory) using Bev's new secret method! ​ This focused and friendly workshop is designed for adults to relax and tune into their natural creativity. It's an ideal activity for introverts or anyone who wants to come out and play, but isn't sure how. ​ Suitable for age 14+, you don't need any experience of working with clay, you just need to be willing to try something new. ​ Cost is £55 and includes firing, clear glazing and postage. You'll also be given a 10% discount on purchasing any of Bev's stunning work. ​ After the workshop your piece(s) will be fired and glazed, then sent to you in the post, or you can collect them if you live nearby. Your piece(s) are small and will need to dry and go into the kiln twice with other work, which means allowing 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.

The workshop group is small and places are limited. So, if you'd like to take part, please visit Our Workshops page.

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