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Level Water 24-Hour Swim Relay

15 Jun - 16 Jun @ Clevedon Marine Lake [ Sport & Fitness , Environment & Social Causes , Outdoor & Nature ]

Level Water 24-Hour Swim Relay
Gather a team of between 1 to 8 swimmers and swim for an hour each, for 24 hours!

This event is unique in being a personal/team endurance swimming challenge rather than about speed or distance. It’s also very everyone over the age of 14, regardless of your ability. It’s not a race, no one is being timed or tracked. You swim as much as you want, as fast as you want.

The challenge is in the endurance, the team work and camaraderie to support each other for the duration. It’s the 2am cold swims when you just want to sleep. It’s the hugs of relief at the end of each hour knowing you’ve just ticked another hour off. It’s being huddled around the fire pit with a hot chocolate and dancing to keep warm. It’s cheering the sunrise.

It’s knowing that you’re doing it to raise money for Level Water who provide 1-to-1 swimming lessons for children with disabilities. It’s knowing that, one day, they might be able to take part in this challenge with their friends or family because of the efforts you are putting in to fundraise. 

It’s knowing your are using the power of your swimming to change lives. And that’s all pretty wonderful.
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